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Rosemarie Koury

I was born into, and raised in the church all my life. The first church I attended was actually built on the land my grandfather bought when he first came from Italy way back in the 1920’s. My parents were very active members of the church, and so was I. I am sure this set my foundation as an adult. My siblings had the same upbringing but chose different paths in life. This confused me during my teen years but God kept showing Himself to me and I never let Him go.


I pursued my studies both in cegep and university while working part-time. Life was good! In my early 20’s I met my husband Richard, and we were married a few years later. At the age of 26 we had our first child, Gabriel. He is now 26 and living in Toronto. He is a very talented musician and comedian. Then, at the age of 29, we had our second child

Olivia. She is now 22. She is working on her Master’s in Cardiovascular Research and has applied to Med School for Sept 2014. I am very proud of her accomplishments till now, and I know she will go far with her passion for medicine. In 1996, we had also begun the steps to adopt, in Brazil, but after two very long years of waiting, we were told to start all over because: “Your documents are too old”. We prayed a lot about it, and decided to halt any further proceedings. It was a very sad time in all our lives but God pulled us through it.


In December 2010, my life took a turn health-wise that I truly did not see coming. I was a relatively healthy person: eating very well, training 4 times a week, working full-time, etc. Towards the beginning of December, my back started going out on me. After many surgeries and therapy, I am now in a wheelchair when I leave my home. I can drive alone and am very independent. I am also going back to school this January (part-time)! Life can be much worse. This was very painful and very difficult and to accept at first but with much prayer and mainly His strength, I am still here to tell about it. He never let me go!


I began attending LCF in Oct 2007 with my family. I enjoy the teaching and true sense of community that I feel from the moment I go through the doors. I am also active in the praise and worship team during the Sunday afternoon gatherings.


Telling people what God has done and continues to do in my life everyday is my newest mission theses day. That’s what I love to share with people at LCF, especially the Youth and young adults. Without His love, grace and support in my life, I could not make it from one day to the next!


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