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Rosalie Miceli

I was blessed to be raised in a home where traditional Catholic faith was taught. My grandmother had a significant role in my journey of faith. She is a devout Catholic. She taught me to pray at bedtime and she took me to church on Sundays whenever she could.


In looking back, I recognize now that she was sowing seeds of faith in my tender heart. I believed in God, and in a Jesus who loved me, since I was very young. Later on, I went to a Catholic high school where Catholic faith was a part of teaching. Again, I continued to be taught that Jesus was loving and caring and had a plan for my life.


Years later, during my university studies, I began to search for something to fill the emptiness that I felt. I began some existential questioning: Why we are here?  What is the

meaning of life? etc.


Through different life trials, I had begun to see that life could get painful, and wondered what the purpose was anyways. There must be something more, I thought... so I searched for answers. And during this time of seeking, I came to faith in Jesus as Savior. My heart and mind were filled with the knowledge of Christ as Redeemer. The hole, the emptiness, and the longing for answers I had felt, vanished. Now I had meaning and purpose.


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