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Richard Koury

Going through university I questioned my purpose in life. Why was I here? I grew up in a home where we believed in the existence of God. We didn’t attend church but the bible was always respected in our family.


I often would read the bible on my way to university trying to find answers. At the same time there was a lady in the lobby of the school that would speak to the students about the love of Jesus. On many occasions, we would have discussions about the Bible. I remember her asking me if I loved Jesus and if I had accepted Him into my heart. Not knowing what to answer, I said yes. Then she reacted with a huge hug and called me “Brother, welcome to the family”. I was puzzled at her reaction but at the same time I started to understand that there was something special to this “Jesus”.

Later I met a friend who invited me to her church. It was the first time I had heard the gospel and the good news that it brings. It was during that summer of ’81 I accepted Jesus for what he did for me on the cross.


I now understand what being part of the family of God means. Through different experiences in my life, both good and bad, God has always been there for me. He is there regardless of my imperfections and continues to guide me. I know about Jesus’ forgiveness and love. All I want to do is serve Him as he gives me opportunity.


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