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Nina Castronovo

Throughout my life I viewed Jesus only as my saint. It was what I had been taught from childhood. My life was anything but easy. So, I would often turn to my favorite saint and ask if he would plead God on my behalf. I would pray on bended knee asking Jesus to help me.


Years passed and the problems I faced seemed insurmountable. I felt as though my life was falling apart. However, through it all I always sensed that God was by my side.


One day, as I was praying my typical prayers, I began to wonder if there was any way I could thank God without repeating the same prayers that I had been parroting for years. I felt I owed God so much and I just wanted to express my thanks using my words, as opposed to praying the same

ritualistic prayers. I wanted to express myself with words such as, “thank you lord” and “you are great” and “I love you”. But I had been taught that there were given prayers which had to be prayed and that was the only way to approach God.


Not long after, I received an invitation to attend an evangelical church. The first thing I remember about walking into the gathering was how much I felt at home. The singing and the spontaneous prayers offered to God warmed my heart. I paid attention to one song in particular. It was the well known hymn, “How great Thou Art”. I was deeply moved by the words. I felt as though the song writer had taken the words right from my heart. I didn’t know the melody but I sang along and wept. From that moment on I began to read Scriptures and the Holy Spirit revealed Jesus to me as the light of the world. I thank Him for is not my saint but my Saviour. Without Jesus Christ I would be hopelessly lost.


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