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Mike Nardozza

I was born and raised in the great city of Montreal. I have been a church-goer my entire life. I was raised in a Christian home, had incredible God fearing parents who raised my brother and I with good Christian values. I “gave” my heart to the Lord at 10 years old, not really understanding the purpose or the meaning. I did so because I felt it was kind of expected of me.  


My brother had given his heart to the Lord at that age and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Was it sincere because I said a little prayer and was given a little certificate? Absolutely not. Nothing changed at the heart level. A mouth full of empty words and little handwritten document didn’t save me. There was no transformation that occurred. How do I know?

I went through a period of time from the age of 14-23 which I call the “Wonder years”. The reason I call them the wonder years is because I often wonder “what the heck happened to me during that time?” and “What was I thinking?” I went through your very typical story of trying to complete who I was and looking for fulfillment in temporal and worldly pleasures: alcohol, drugs and girls. I lived according to the flesh, and just as Romans 8:5 says “Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires”.   It only made sense.


This portion of my life lasted for 9 long years until finally, in my lowest of lows, the Lord allowed me to recognize my overriding need for a saviour. It was in this revelation that I finally heard, with an open heart, the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had heard it hundreds of times before, but I never HEARD it. I never accepted it as absolute truth. I never opened my heart and allowed this truth to transform me from the inside out. The ultimate importance of what Christ did on the cross finally made sense to me: the only way I could be saved from God’s wrath was if God Himself paid the sacrifice. That’s the only way. I would never be able to absorb the wrath of God and bear the weight of my own sin, let alone all of those who would become believers; it would be literally impossible. It took Christ dying on the cross and resurrecting three days later to erase all of my sins, past, present and future. Through this sacrifice, He made me clean. Through the shedding of his blood, I am now completely forgiven and can now stand holy and righteous before God. I have been given Christ’s obedience and righteousness so that when God sees me, he sees Christ’s perfection. What an incredible God we serve.


I now understand this truth and am growing in Christ and strengthening my foundation in Him through His Word and through having a full out relationship with Him. Christ has become the Cornerstone of our home and all that we are is surrendered to Him and His will and purpose for our lives.


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