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Pastor, Teaching

John DellaForesta

My parents came to saving faith when I was four years old. What I remember most about my childhood was the number of times my parents were in church. And since I was small, I too ended up in church. It drove me crazy. I found myself sleeping on church pews more than I would care to admit. The older I grew the more I resented church. I felt it to be a restrictive lifestyle. Everything that I wanted to enjoy seemed to be a sin. God seemed to be someone who was unhappy with me and church seemed to be a place where there was no fun. Eventually, I found a way to get out of church. I would go along with my parents but then sneak out during the singing so that I could go to the corner depanneur (convenience store) and buy snacks. This went on for a while. Then at the age of 13, while completely disinterested in anything religious, I found myself strangely drawn to prayer. I began calling on God, asking that if he were real to reveal

himself to me. I started to read the Bible and became passionate about it. Slowly I started sharing God’s word with my peers. So, when you sum it all up, it looks as though no matter what, God’s love has a way of reaching our hearts when we least expect it. He mysteriously draws us to himself.


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