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Darlene Mordente

In 1998 while working as dental assistant, I found out that in the same building LCF was holding prayer and youth meetings. I was curious, naturally. One morning after John introduced himself, he invited me to their Sunday gatherings. At first, I was happy to stand in the hallway and listen to young people worshiping God with all their hearts. One Friday night in December of 1997, the youth were practicing for their Christmas presentation, called “Candy Cane Lane”. One of them invited me to attend their Christmas presentation. I can still remember the first time I walked into the sanctuary. Mike DeCotiis greeted me warmly, welcoming me to LCF. I knew immediately I had found my house of worship. Since then I have never missed a church gathering. Shortly after, I opened my heart to God’s saving grace and was baptized in September of 1998. In time, I was given the responsibility to be office assistant, a ministry I carry with great joy and devotion. I always thank God for leading me to my spiritual home.


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