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Carlo Riso

For as long as I can remember, I have always believed that there was a God. I grew up in a non-practising Catholic home, where God was a distant being and going to church was a very occasional activity.


I know in my heart that God has always had His hand on my life, and I believe that He has directed my path from the very start of my existence. I remember telling God one day that I wanted to serve Him, but if that meant wearing a collar, it was best to forget about it...


When I was 17 years old, my whole family heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a local church in Brussels, Belgium where we lived. My sister repeatedly invited me to church, so one day, I went to make her happy. Never in my life had I experienced anything like that. I was blown away by how

compelling the message of the Gospel was. Not long after I first attended, I opened up my heart and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.


Soon after, a youth band was formed in our church, so I purchased a drum set and started playing drums during the worship services. I set up a sound system, which was much needed, and started training people who had an interest in the technical aspect of the music ministry.


After I married my beautiful wife, Josie, we felt the need to move to Quebec, Canada and we asked God to lead our steps. The Lord has been so good to us, His faithfulness is without limit and His love, mercy and grace are without compare. He blessed us with two beautiful children, Laura and Timothy and we are so grateful to God for them.


Today, my wife and I lead the Praise & Worship Ministry at LCF. I am so blessed to serve the One who is all-worthy with the gifting He has given me.


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